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Our designers will ensure that your interior design represents your company style and make a good impression on any customer that enters your shop. Our solutions represent a creative oasis in the sea of uniform and dull corporative cliches. It is this kind of originality that arouses curiosity among passers-by and in no time your shop will be the most visited.


Charlotte Lucas marries midcentury shapes with feminine frills, making contemporary rooms feel charming.

“I like to remind my staff that we’re not saving lives,” says the 33-year-old. “Designing is supposed to be fun!” Proof that the Charlotte, North Carolina, native means it: She pops a bottle of wine for her team during tough days, a tradition that started when she assisted decorator Barrie Benson. Lucas’s carefree philosophy is evident in her upbeat interiors, in which Egg chairs and Murano-glass chandeliers mingle with clients’ heirloom mahogany tables. “It’s all about finding the perfect balance of ingredients — almost like baking,” she says. “One wrong chair, and you have to rethink the entire room!”