What is The Best Bed Comforter?

Not every comforter is made for all. The big brands in the town focus more on the majority so that they can pace up the sales but they forget that the number of buyers is where they can provide different types of comforters. Many of the comforters weighing you down and they are insulated properly to maintain your temperature, which is not that cozy especially chilly winter time.

A comforter is two sheets sewn together, and then filled with material that can act as insulation; usually laid over the top of your bed sheets.

Today we will ensure that you won’t experience any disappointment as we are going to list bed comforters which are not only making you having sleepless nights, no warmth and absorbing your warmness instead.

What is The Best Bed Comforter?

  • HC COLLECTION – 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Duvet Cover Set Full Queen Size, 3pc Luxury Soft, Queen Gray

The quality of the product is unmatchable as it has made from Microfiber grains. Smooth texture and thin strands will ensure your body warmth. The quality of the product is softer than cotton. You will have a comfortable sleep and you can goodbye to your back pains, which has been earned using the ordinary bed.

  • Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Comforter with Duvet Tabs, Queen.

What signifies quality? Not everybody can give you satisfied answer, but the fabrics which are made from pure materials are easy to Wash and Dryer safe. Linenspa White Goose Down is produced from a high-quality material which will ensure that your body is relaxing and you are comfortable.

  • Sweet Home Collection 3 Piece Reversible Polyester Microfiber Goose Down Alternative Comforter Set with Pillow Shams, Full/Queen, Burgundy

The three piece set is produced from high-quality of material which can deliver the comfort to your body that is immeasurable and also the size is more than you can ask for it. The quality of the fabric is Polyester and made from 100% pure Hypoallergenic.

  • VauliaLightweight Microfiber Duvet Cover Set, Bohemia Exotic Patterns, Reversible Color Design, Full/Queen

There are many brands who focus more on the materials which can fight different issues which we find in our daily life like Coffee Stains, Dust, Wrinkle, Water and more things. This material is capable enough to avoid these situations and you can wipe it off with a tissue paper. High-quality polyester microfiber has used in the manufacturing of the product.

  • NestlBedding Microfiber Queen 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set with 2 Pillow Shams, Charcoal Grey

Best quality microfiber linen is used in the manufacturing the product to satisfy the customer, who like to sleep on a material which is softer than cotton. You will have a good and comfortable sleep on the conformter. Getting this set at your home will not break your vault. Washing the product is not an issue and the product is dust, water and stains resistant.

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When you are low on the budget then you ask yourself on is it necessary to buy a Bed Comforter that can break your budget down. None of the above products are expensive and they do come at a affordable prices.


Two Cost Effective Home Decor Ideas

You don’t need a huge budget to get a new look for your home, because by playing with small decorations you can create something unique and creative. A lot of people are tired of the way their home looks, but don’t start a redecoration process because they imagine this costs a lot of money. However, you can make a huge impact with a small budget. That is, if you know how to combine elements and think outside the box. Here are two creative ideas that will help you add that extra kick to your bedroom, living room or garden, without burning a hole through your pocket.

No home can truly feel fresh and relaxing without one or two green elements. Whether you have a huge home with a garden, or a tiny apartment with a balcony, you can use garden pots to add a touch of spring to your home. These containers are indeed practical, but they don’t lack aesthetic appeal either. Some designs stands out through their quirky, pretty and colourful nature, so the pots alone are enough to make you smile.


You might be used to simple, single-colored storage for flowers, but think again, because in the past years manufacturers have really started to come up with cool new designs. For example, you can buy a beautiful pot in pastel colours such as light green or blue, or play around with swirly or floral patterns. If you want to go for basic colours, then you can create beautiful combinations by buying three or more pots of the same colour.

To avoid being too overwhelming, try not to combine too many patterns in the same space. If you have a garden, you can make it more colourful by scattering pots all over it. If not, then you can place them on window panes and make your room fresh and colourful.

Flower pots are outdoorsy, but what if you want to make a blank, empty room cosier? For that, scented candles are the perfect thing. Apart from the fact that they can smell amazing, like fruits, flowers, foods and any other scent you can possible think of, they aren’t bad at the decoration side either.


Whether you opt for small votive candles or large jars, there is always a way of combining candles to make the room look more welcoming and romantic. For example, you can place a large candle jar near a flower vase or on your bedside table. One of the great things about these candles is that they come in beautifully designed jars, so you can easily find something cute or elegant to match the style of the room. A creative idea is to use votive holders in different shapes that create beautiful effects when the light is turned off.

These are just two ideas that prove that you don’t need a huge house or a huge budget to create a beautiful and welcoming home. With just a few dollars and some imagination, you can bring something new to your house and impress your guests and your family alike.…

5 Tips to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger

Not all home owners have the luxury of having their homes adorned with enormous bathrooms. The average home generally comes equipped with powder rooms that are typically on the small side. The small amount of square footage can pose a real challenge when it comes time to redesigning and redecorating the bathroom. Here are some tips to making your small bathroom appear larger:

1 – Set the Scene for How the Bathroom Will Be Used

Ask yourself this question before designing your bathroom – How will it be used? Is it the daily bathroom that will be used multiple times per day? Or is it only a powder room reserved for the occasional use by guests? If it will be used frequently, consider a classic, timeless interior decor style, filled with elements that you won’t get tired of. Choose lighter colours that will open up the space, and create the illusion of a brighter room. Stick with neutral colours that you won’t get bored of easily.

2 – Save Space With Smart Organizing

Every bathroom requires the typical items, like towels, toilet paper and soap. But how these items are stored in the room can make a big difference in the functionality of the bathroom. Make sure you prioritize your storage and plan ahead in order to avoid your bathroom looking disorganized, cluttered, and smaller than it already is. Good organization will fit your specific needs. For example, men tend to need nothing more than a medicine cabinet. Women, on the other hand, generally make good use of counter space and cabinets. Consider hanging shelves on the wall, or keeping decorative baskets on the counter to house all your necessities without taking up too much space and making the room look disheveled.

3 – Make Good Use of Light

The more light in a space, the better. This is especially true for smaller rooms. If you are blessed with natural light coming in from windows, then make good use of them by treating the windows with light-coloured shades. If window space is limited, fill the space with various types of lighting, including wall sconces on either wall, pot lights in the shower stall, overhead lighting above the vanity mirror, and a main ceiling light in the centre of the bathroom.

4 – Mirrors Can Work Wonders

Don’t just limit the use of mirrors to the one above your sink. Instead, splurge a little in the mirror department. Use an oversized mirror above your vanity that is illuminated by overhead lights. Place a mirror or two near the window to reflect as much natural light as possible. Choose one wall as your “accent” wall where you use decorative mirrors of varying shapes and sizes with different frames as your wall art. The use of such reflective properties can work wonders in making a small bathroom appear larger.

5 – Install Glass Shower Doors

If your budget permits, the installation of glass shower doors can be an incredibly effective way of opening up the space in your bathroom. Rather than having an opaque plastic shower curtain essentially cut off the space in the bathroom, a glass door can open the room up, and make it look larger than it really is.

For more ways to make your small bathroom look larger, or for assistance in decorating your home, give the experts at Lux Design a call. Their team of professional interior designers can help bring your home’s vision to reality!

2 Fabulous, Easy Ways To Transform Your Home

We all have our own unique touches when it comes to portraying our character and personality throughout our homes. But what happens when your character or personality changes, or what if you simply want a change in your decor? This happens to almost all of us at one point in time or another and redesigning your home is the solution you are looking for. You may not be able to change the structure of your home – at least not without a hefty investment – but you can change colors and most importantly of all, atmosphere by adding small touches that make a big impact.

First Transformation: Colors, Accessories, Etc.

First you must isolate the area of the house you wish to redesign. Once you have made the decision of which room to start with, the next step is to analyze the space. Redesigning your home is more than simply changing the colors on the wall, you want to overhaul the room without actually taking on too much work. It sounds difficult but it really is not. For example, let’s say you want to change the decor of the kitchen. You can start by changing the colors on the wall, but you’ll make a much bigger impact by adding design elements that completely transform the room. One popular way to redesign a room includes adding accessories that complete the transformation. In a kitchen, for example, you could add a small, yet chic bistro table if space allows and leave the dining room table for the actual dining room.

Second Transformation: Wall Art

Another way to make an impact on a room is to use wall art. Wall art comes in many forms. You can hang pictures or even shop around for vinyl wall decorations. You are not limited to what you find in home improvement stores or in the department stores you frequent. There are many suppliers online who will customize a design for your wall. Best of all, most of these come in a variety of colors and are removable if you decide you do not like the look. This is a simple, yet cost effective way to really make an impression.

When redesigning your home, ensure that your components match, but also allow for a bit of variety. You do not have to stay within one shade for the colors to be complementary. Rather, play around with the colors a bit and add some splashes of color for maximum impact.

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• Furniture selection, layout and procurement


DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas

With so much indecision about the current state of our economy, more and more people are turning to DIY home improvement projects in order to curb spending and save money wherever possible. The bedroom is one particular room that can immediately and powerfully benefit from both subtle changes as well as bold decorating statements. Sure, you may not have as steep of a budget as you’d like, but as long as you take time to plan and research your decorating decisions, then you’ll be rewarded with a stunning outcome.

Use the vast palette of available style options to provide you with a starting point for visualizing and conceptualizing the new look of your bedroom. From Victorian to Mediterranean to modern, southwestern and beyond, there are a variety of unique styles to incorporate within the space of your bedroom. Scour thrift stores, yard sales, and affordable online retailer sites for practical deals. You never know where you may find a furniture piece or accent that perfectly complements your vision, so remain alert and pay close attention to what each and every unique outlet has to offer.

Infuse affordable accents like area rugs, table lamps, and wall art into your bedroom to incorporate various elements of style into your sanctuary. Simply add accents piece by piece, as you can afford to indulge in decorations, in order to gradually achieve your complete vision. You, and maybe a significant other, are the only people that will have the privilege of relaxing in this haven, so take your time in completing your decorating dreams. For a splash of color, paint your walls with dramatic brush strokes or incorporate meaningful pieces of wall art into your décor to deliver statements that are personally significant to you and to your life.

In addition to home furnishings, find a comforter set that will help you to successfully achieve nights of uninterrupted sleep. Sure, your mattress has a hand in defining your ultimate comfort, but the sheets and comforter set that you choose to use in your quest to create your ideal bed also play a major part in shaping your night’s rest. From duck down comforter sets to goose down comforter sets, there are a number of affordable options to consider when searching for proper bedding solutions. And more importantly, you don’t need to call in the assistance of a qualified home decorator to select a comforter that works for you!

Bedroom decorating can encompass both simple and dramatic changes depending upon the goal of your project. If you’re hoping to entirely transform the look and atmosphere of your room, then plan on spending more time, energy, and possibly, more money as you prepare an outline. If your goal is to infuse simple changes into your bedroom piece by piece to weigh the power or individual impact that accents can bring to your atmosphere, then minimal planning is required. Despite your goal, it’s always recommended that you have a general idea of the look that you hope to eventually achieve.

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Top 3 Interior Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t let the fear of making “design mistakes” keep you from creating a room that you love and one that you can live in happily for many years to come. Just make sure to avoid feeling like you HAVE to do something in order to create a picture perfect room. However, below are some of the most egregious decorating faux-pas you should avoid like the plague.

Keeping Something You Hate

Some interior designers may incorporate various things into their design plan, even something you hate. Whether they do this because you ask them to (“Help me love my funky wall color” or “Distract me from the ugly tile in the bathroom”) or they take it upon themselves to incorporate it, it’s often a big mistake. If you truly hate something, you’re not going to love it no matter what your designer does to make it more appealing.

The biggest mistake is asking the designer to incorporate something major, like ugly flooring, because you don’t want to pay to replace it. Your designer will base all of his or her design ideas around this one central thing so deciding down the road that it has to go means you’re going to have to redo all of your decor as well. Pony up the dough now to save more money down the road.

Don’t Pick Uncomfortable Furniture

Sounds simple but it’s a mistake a lot of people make when decorating a room. When you see a pretty piece of furniture that you just absolutely fall head over heels for, it’s hard to keep from buying it even if the cushions are a little hard and the back makes you sit straighter than a pole. Sure, this couch is going to look fabulous in your living room but you’re going to avoid that room after a while because that couch is about as comfortable as the Flinstone’s couch made of rock.

Make sure your dining chairs are comfortable, too. You’ll be spending lots of time in them every day. When you test them out, sit in them for a few minutes and decide if this is somewhere you can sit in for extended periods of time. Make sure you’ve measured your table’s height as well to ensure your chairs aren’t too short or tall.

Don’t Be Too Matchy Matchy

We love flipping through Houzz or Better Homes and Garden where these impeccably staged rooms match down to every last detail. Some old school designers will still drift towards this trend but students fresh out of interior design colleges will usually avoid this slightly outdated technique. They’ve been taught that this decorating method is best for selling a home or showcasing certain furniture pieces but it’s not ideal for people to live in.…


Boutiques And Shops – Interior design Modus

Our designers will ensure that your interior design represents your company style and make a good impression on any customer that enters your shop. Our solutions represent a creative oasis in the sea of uniform and dull corporative cliches. It is this kind of originality that arouses curiosity among passers-by and in no time your shop will be the most visited.


Charlotte Lucas marries midcentury shapes with feminine frills, making contemporary rooms feel charming.

“I like to remind my staff that we’re not saving lives,” says the 33-year-old. “Designing is supposed to be fun!” Proof that the Charlotte, North Carolina, native means it: She pops a bottle of wine for her team during tough days, a tradition that started when she assisted decorator Barrie Benson. Lucas’s carefree philosophy is evident in her upbeat interiors, in which Egg chairs and Murano-glass chandeliers mingle with clients’ heirloom mahogany tables. “It’s all about finding the perfect balance of ingredients — almost like baking,” she says. “One wrong chair, and you have to rethink the entire room!”